I like people, and I like a challenge.


Derek Wood knows Atlanta. He grew up in Candler Park and played sports all over the east side of Atlanta. He worked in the restaurant industry for 15 years, gaining an even greater appreciation for the people of Atlanta, as well as Atlanta’s culinary offerings. When it was time to choose where to raise their family, Derek and his wife chose the City of Decatur for its incredible schools, excellent restaurants and sense of community that a walkable neighborhood brings.


Derek is committed to finding just the right location in Atlanta to suit his clients’ personalities and needs. Through an artful combination of listening, asking questions and observing clients’ responses to different properties and architectural and design styles, Derek hones in on what the kinds of homes his clients gravitate toward. And then he sets about finding the right home, with the right personality, at the right price point.


I want to make people happy; that’s my goal.


Derek’s enthusiasm for finding people the perfect home drives his success: “I enjoy seeing someone go through closing happy because they love the house. It’s a good feeling.” Derek’s goal is for his clients to feel like they’ve had the very best experience they could have, that they’ve gotten the best piece of property for them. Happy clients who love their home is the ultimate reward.